Norfolk Guided Birding with Gary Elton

Guided Birdwatching day trips and tours in and around Norfolk.

Norfolk Guided Birding specialise in arranging individually tailored guided birdwatching trips for visitors to Norfolk, which is arguably one of the best birdwatching destinations in the country. The area offering a range of habitats and birds,  from coastal marshes and lagoons, to the unique woodland and heath habitats found in the Breckland areas and the famous reed fringed Norfolk Broads.

Catering for Beginners and  more experienced birders alike,  principle guide and company founder, Gary Elton, will design birding itineraries around both your time of visit and hoped for target species.

Day trips and itineraries are specifically arranged around your needs and requirements, ranging from species you would hopefully like to see, to general birding around some of the countries top birdwatching sites here in Norfolk.

 Accommodation can also be arranged with a selection of good quality characterful options available close to where we are based.

If you are planning to visit Norfolk and would like a guided birdwatching trip to top sites around the county, then please click on the above links and browse through my website to see what we can offer.

For further details or information please contact me on 07947 843905 or email