Green Birding Tours

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The general area covered on our tours, a 20km radius centered around our base in Great Massingham.

Looking, Listening and Learning.

With the recent opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the wealth of wildlife on our own doorsteps, coupled with the growing wish of conservation minded people to reduce the impact on the environment, we have launched the idea of Guided Bird and Wildlife Cycling and Walking Tours around the North Norfolk countryside. Based some 15 miles inland from the busy and popular coastal spots, we have an ideal opportunity to explore and visit lesser known areas whilst enjoying the relatively quiet roads, fresh air and sounds of the countryside.

The focus of the tours are to help you appreciate and learn about the things we see and hear around us. Whilst hearing and seeing new birds is always exciting, and listing what you see is perceived as an excepted aspect of the hobby, equally enjoyable is focusing on identifying the birds and their sounds.

Tours can range from a day in length, to a week or more, available in the form of bespoke one to one or small group tours or you can join us as part of a group on one of our pre-designed tours. All aspects of ability and fitness are catered for, with accommodation, bike/ebike, binocular hire and itinerary all arranged for in whatever package or form you require.

A level of fitness is obviously required, but trips are not to onerous and easily adaptable, especially on bespoke trips. Cycling and walking distances are also mentioned on the trip itineraries and it should also be remembered that day lengths on average involve around 8 hours in the field, so any mileages mentioned will be spread over that time frame.